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1 French noblewoman who was the lover of Louis XV, whose policies she influenced (1721-1764) [syn: Marquise de Pompdour, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson]
2 a hair style in which the front hair is swept up from the forehead v : style women's hair in a pompadour

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Eponym: After Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of Louis XV.


  • italbrac RP /ˈpɒmpədʊə/ or /ˈpɒmpədɔː/
  • italbrac US /ˈpɑːmpədɔːr/


  1. A woman's hairstyle, named after Madame de Pompadour.
  2. A man's hairstyle of the 1950s


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Pompadour can refer to:
  • Arnac-Pompadour, a commune of the Corrèze département of France, former marquisate, famous for its Château and its National Stud
  • Madame de Pompadour, Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, a well-known courtesan and the famous mistress of King Louis XV
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